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News & Events

Donation in to FCRA account (January to March 2019)

Vidya Bhawan Society has received Rs.34,97,135.00 as donation in to FCRA account in the month of January to March 2019. This donation was received from DSM Singapore Industial PTE Ltd.,Singapore (1,25,000.00 as Project Grant), Raise Research Project, Leeds Universit, UK,England (29,27,313.00 as Project Grand) and Seva Mandir (4,44,822.00 for VB Sr. Sec.School, Hostel Student Fees).

New Learning Material

VBERC team has prepared Hindi workbooks for classes IV and V and Mathematics for classes III and IV. These workbooks can be purchased from the centre and bulk order can also be placed.

Give India Fund Raising Challenge

A major fund raising drive was undertaken by VBERC under the challenge launched by GiveIndia from 9 September to 30 October 2014. VBERC also supported and motivated other Vidya Bhawan institutes to participate in the fund raising initiative.

VBERC and Reliance MoU

VBERC and Reliance has had an MoU in September 2014 to work in Kakinara east zone Godavari belt. The main areas of the work will be capacity building of teachers of 10 government primary project schools and 180 government upper primary teachers of Science and Mathematics from other districts.

Textbook Development

New textbooks are being developed for the state of Chhatisgarh. VBERC is supporting them in the development of Science, Mathematics, Hindi and English textbooks for IX class. The work started in September 2014.

Capacity Building Workshop for Vidya Bhawan School Teachers

These workshops were organised in batches and focused on general and subject specific areas. The workshops were organised from 20-30 June 2014.

Comprehensive Workshop for Nalanda Resource Centre

Comprehensive capacity building workshop was organised for the staff of the Nalanda Resource Centre, Lucknow from 14-19 June 2014 in VBERC.

Research Study

A study to understand the education and school readiness component in the Anganwadi centres was commissioned by UNICEF. The study was completed in the period from March to July 2014 and a report has been shared with UNICEF. VBERC has undertaken a research study on understanding upper primary teacher's knowledge in Science and Mathematics. The first phase data collection has been completed in March-April 2014.

Chhatisgarh Textbook review

During March 2014 all primary textbooks and upper primary textbooks in Hindi and Mathematics were reviewed by the VBERC team.

Bal Melas organised

VBERC team organised 10 Bal Melas in the month of January in government primary schools of Udaipur. The funding dedicated for the QUEST program ended in April 2014, since then VBERC is continuing the work with its own funds in 15 government primary schools.

Course for Library Educators- A Collaborative Effort of SRTT and VBERC

VBERC made mentoring visits to the concerned organisations in February 2014 and after this, the third contact period of the Library course was organised from 25-27 February 2014.

AP School Teachers Residential Workshop

Two workshops to orient the teachers of the Andhra Pradesh Residential Educational Institution Schools (APREIS) towards the new Andhra Pradesh SCERT Science and Mathematics textbooks were organised from 6-10 January 2014 and 14-19 April 2014.

Awareness Event for Safety Concerns

One day awareness event was organised on 18 January 2014 at the district level. Poster, slogan and essay competitions were organised. More than 110 students participated in these.

VBERC and TESS MOU: July 2013

A MoU between VBERC and TESS Open University (UK) was signed in July 2013 for working on quality material for teacher's use in the classroom, across all the subject domain. The MoU also looks forward for partnership in monitoring and evaluation.

Textbooks for Andhra Pradesh

VBERC and SCERT (A.P) are together writing Mathematics and Science class-10 textbooks for Andhra Pradesh government schools. This partnership is in continuation of relationship between VBERC and SCERT, A.P.

Frontiers in Cell and Molecular Biology: 14-15 February, 2013

A two day lecture workshop on ‘Frontiers in Cell and Molecular Biology’ was organized by Indian National Science Academy, Vidya Bhawan Society and Indiabioscience on 14th-15th February, 2013. Undergraduate students were introduced to some great minds from various countries including Nobel Laureate Prof.
Martin Chalfie. While the interaction was aimed at students, senior faculty members from different universities also availed this opportunity to sit through various sessions and comprehend the decreasing boundaries between various science disciplines, science and career opportunities in 21st century, evolution of human cognition, Cells on the move: What is happening inside?, genomics, Green Fluoroscent Proteins and how it brought a revolution in biotechnology researches and many more. It was an exciting way of getting an idea about how scientists work and innovation occurs in the fields of science.

English Language Workshop in Surat: 19-21 November 2013

A three day workshop for teachers of English was organized in Sanjivani Primary School, Damka, Hazira (Surat) for English teachers of classes 1-8 from 19-21 November, 2013 by VBERC with support from Hazira LNG and Port Companies .The workshop was attended by more than 40 teachers from 5-6 schools in and around Hazira. The resource person was Dr. A.L. Khanna, Reader In English (Rtd.), University of Delhi. The workshop focused on the following areas:

Nature of Language
  • Nature of language and how it is acquired/learnt
  • Using the language(s) of children as an asset and not as a burden
  • Presence of English in the world around us eg hoardings, ads, posters, public notices, medicines, consumer items
English pronunciation
  • Relationship between spoken and written language: teaching sounds of the letters of the alphabet before teaching the letters of the alphabet, sensitizing the students to the sounds of the letters of the alphabet; how to teach the sound and letter relationships to reduce the problems of spellings; treating mistakes as learning strategies; speaking of language in chunks and not as individual words; stressed and unstressed syllables
  • Some pair work and group work was done towards developing listening and speaking activities
Teaching of Grammar
  • When and how to teach grammar i.e. teaching grammar in context. Plenty of pair and group work done to help the teachers infer rules relating making plurals, rules for adding ‘-ed’ and ‘–ing’ to make past tense and ‘-ing’ forms of verbs ; issues relating to spellings
  • Identification of parts of speech
  • Practice in word order of English including the word order of adjectives and adverbs
  • Practice in recognition between a sentence and a fragment and how to expand a fragment into a sentence; types of sentences; difference between a sentence, a clause and a phrase
  • Making questions and rules for making questions
  • Tenses in English

Training of teachers of Bihar during June, July and August 2013

VBERC, Patna and Udaipur teams together, conducted pedagogical training for 30 teachers, in three districts of Bihar. These teachers are part of VBERC project schools.

Library Resource Group- Capacity Building of Library Educators

VBERC and Sir Ratan Tata Trust have collaborated for developing and implementing a “Capacity Building Programme for Library Educators”. This course is meant for persons responsible for library work / use of children’s literature with children of primary or middle school.
The purpose is to develop deeper theoretical and practical understanding about the role children’s literature in learning and development of children as well developing knowledge and skills for running vibrant classroom /school /community based libraries.
It is taking the shape of a Certificate Course consisting of short intensive face to face workshops (contact mode) interspersed with guided work at participant’s own field sites (distance mode) spread over six months. The course was launched in September 2013 and will continue till February 2014.

Four years of the Quest Project

The Quest project, funded by the Michael and Susan Dell foundation and running in the kachchibastis of Udaipur, completed 4 years in 2013. In the first four years, the project successfully functioned in 60 schools in 14 bastis showing excellent student results, especially in mathematics. This year we are partnering 90 schools.
A team of 30 facilitators visit these schools twice a week and provide academic support to teachers to plan there class in a child centered manner. In May-June we have successfully implemented forthy-five day long summer learning camps which took place in 12 different basties of Udaipur.
These camps focused on working on maths, language and arts with the children. The camps benefited over 600 children. In the last four months, we have developed and provided workbooks for all 85 primary schools of basties for both the subjects, Hindi and Maths. In the teacher capability enhancement component, we were took part in the district level SSA training on CCE and also we had organize a one day workshop for Hindi teachers on 8th October 2013 and one day workshop for Maths teachers on 4th October 2013.
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