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Core Faculty

The faculty is divided into categories of Sr. Faculty who would be at the level of University Professor or Reader with the academic capability, confidence and ability to orient and lead teams. The Jr. Faculty would be able to do the above but may not have the ability to lead serious research and reflection and initiate new partnerships with State Govts. The third category is Research Associates who are like the Jr. Faculty in most respect except that their ability to negotiate with the government structures as well as to organise and lead teams may not be as strong as of Jr. Faculty members.
We are also now adding to the team faculty assistants, a category that has the potential to grow into faculty members.
The other categories in the structure are; the Research Assistants, Field Workers, Technical and Support Staff. In each these categories also we have split grades as the roles people perform are different.

Visiting Faculty

We have a lot of visiting faculty. There is a fraternity of people in the university in India and outside who have become connected with Vidya Bhawan. They have given time to run courses and to just here to interact with the faculty. These include Prof. Rama Kant Agnihotri, Prof. Mohanan, Prof. Rajesh Bhatt, Prof. Amitabh Mukherjee, Prof. Sadhna Saxena, Mr. Rohit Dhankar, and Prof. Tanmay Bhattacharya among many others. Prof. A.L. Khanna is already associated with the English language teaching work. The list is constantly growing. They would also help develop materials with us to fulfill objectives of the Centre as well as conduct research with us. The seminars and workshops that we organized along with the courses are able to draw in a significant number of people. From these those who respect and common interest with us and time for each other get involved.

Fellowship to Post-Graduates

We have in the last years of our existence normally tried to access people through advertisement in local as well as in national newspapers. We have more recently also put our requirement on the Devnet and other portals. For a few years, we also went to campus interviews to Ranchi and some institutions in Udaipur and Patna. There has also been an attempt to talk to some Professors of Delhi University to request them to involve students from these universities in such work. We are keen to have students of the following categories:
Post graduate in Science, Maths, Linguistics, History, Sociology or other disciplines that would ensure that there is a certain basic training to deal with abstracts, concepts and ideas. It would be useful to have the B.El.Ed., graduates, M.A. education students also are considered for this.
Teacher Fellows
In our V.B. Institutions we need to place teacher fellows in the institutions. These persons would perform the function of teachers and interact with the school to modify its direction. They would gather experience and be a part of the larger pool of work that we are engaged with.
New Recruits
We need resource persons who can help us lead the effort both in academics as well as in management of the work.We need Sr. Faculty members for leading the school intervention programme with the state and in different areas. The other category of people we need is people who can manage the institutions as well as its projects, develop proposals, provide reports and help in documenting the work. We also need team leaders who can widen the scope and extent of our work.
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