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Documentation and Publication                                                                                 Go Back
VBERC has begun to publish a variety of materials in different forms. These include journals, newsletters, papers, proceedings of seminars and conferences, readings for teachers, teaching learning material for children (textbooks, workbooks, activity books of various kinds) while some of these are in collaboration with others many are brought out by Vidya Bhawan only.
More specifically, the reading materials for teachers and educators is for building their understanding of how children learn, of concepts in various subjects, nature of subjects and to encourage self and independent learning among them. The journals are to encourage VBERC team members, associates of VBS schools teachers including from the Govt. etc. to participate in the discussions by writing their views and/or classrooms experiences that help us understand not only their classroom situation but also help us discuss the learning process in children, the variety of children and classroom behavior etc. Interesting and meaningful teaching learning material is being developed keeping in mind the context of children and what we perceive as their needs. This material provides space for children to think, express themselves and work independently. The periodicals are brought out for different purposes and at different scales. The audience though generally being the same (teachers, children, educators etc.) have different interests. These, therefore, largely address different sets of audience.
VBERC developed monographs include the nature of language, monograph in preparation like sentence structure. We would also bring out publications that include a comprehensive document on research studies carried out by school teachers, other studies taken up (HSTP, Baran). Another publication category is a set of reading materials for teachers and teacher educators (also textbook and other materials developers).
Seminars and Workshops
VBERC has been organizing workshops and seminars of different kinds in the last few years. These include seminars on Construction of Knowledge, Basic Education, Science Education, Cognition and Learning, School Libraries and Reading, Frontiers in Cell and Molecular Biology etc. These are focused on bringing together researchers in disciplines related to education, educators and activists to share views on key themes. These are then documented and published so that they can be shared on a wider platform. The translations of these would be extremely useful for discussions with persons in DIET's, SCERT's and those in the leadership teams of various educational organisations. The themes chosen are varied but with a continuity of purpose. Apart from this we have organized workshops that are both comprehensive in nature and those based on specific discipline so as to develop the capability of those working in the field of education. These workshops are meant both for the people in the institution as well as for others in similar organisations. Besides this there are workshops for sharing ideas and working together to develop some materials.
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