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The Future Direction
The major domains of our work are therefore going to be:

Developing a resource team within VBERC

Developing a resource team within VBERC that is able to engage with the academic and organizational diversity of our work areas, synergize learnings of one to the other and increasingly take up next generational leadership roles is necessary for the growth of the organisation.

Curriculum and teaching learning material development

Developing teaching learning material for a heterogeneous profile of learners, teachers, teacher educators and adult learners, and engaging with various institutional set ups – government as well as non-government - will be am important thrust area for us.

Working with teachers and teacher trainers: Developing a training structure

A significant amount of work in this area will be with national and state level government bodies like NCERT, SCERTs, DIETs and in-service and pre-service teacher training institutes as they offer reach to the mass of teachers in our country.

Educational Research and Documentation

As a resource centre we took up educational research as personal reflection and also for others also. Classroom researches by Vidya Bhawan school teachers, studying various educational interventions and reflective documentations of our work forms a significant part of our work.

Discourse building

Making practitioners of education a part of the new discourse is one of the biggest challenges for VBERC. Publications and workshops and seminars part of our effort in this direction.