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In the present context we need teachers who have an analytical view of the society and system and deal with the rigidity of the context of thinking of alternatives. Understanding children is an integral part of understanding and being in education. To share our understanding and to learn from those engaged in pre-service training we have been interacting  with VB Teacher Training College, DIETs of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Bihar. 
Work done
VBERC has conducted many training and workshops for teachers and teacher educators of Govt., private and NGO. Our interaction has made these persons realize that there is an alternative paradigm for training. Teachers realize that training is an opportunity to test one's own knowledge, develop ones perception and move in the path of learning and not get answers. In fact it creates more questions that are deeper. One of the outcomes of the interaction with teachers is the recognition that they have a role to perform and can make a difference to the learning of children provided. They function in an appropriate way. These reflect in the way they deal with their roles as teacher educators or as teachers. For example, our interaction even with NFE Instructors has changed the way they relate to children and the way they construct classroom processes in their classrooms. They understand children and know how to engage them better.
VBERC worked with teachers training in Bihar, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Hazira and Ahmedabad Municipal schools.
In Bihar, VBERC developed training modules for three categories of teachers: Class 1, 2; class-3 to 5 and class 6 to 8. It was conducted training for the master trainers; assess teachers training in two districts.
In AMC and Hazira VBERC worked with SSA training as a support group. In Hazira, it was work with Chaurasi Block with around 140 teachers.
In Chattisgarh, VBERC provided resource support to SCERT for conducting SSA training and for the induction training of the DIET faculty.
In Rajasthan, VBERC provided resource support to DIET for conducting SSA training and conduct training of the Education Volunteers. We have part of module development process for new recruit teachers and their training.
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