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Working with Learning Center and Capacity Building of Teachers                            Go Back
The effort is to make teachers capable of reading independently, identifying areas they can work on for improving the relationship with the children and have them enjoy and learn in the classrooms.
The two requirements, therefore, we see are; developing materials and processes that can make the teachers and instructors working with small children of rural background, more capable of understanding children, how to teach them and also themselves become more capable in reading and writing mathematics. We also need to excite them to learn and enjoy reading more. Therefore, the purpose is to ensure that the teachers start feeling themselves as independent learners and can find ways of accessing and sharing their understanding.
For this, the two key ideas that are being thought of are; for the Instructors a Certification Course in a Distance Mode. The course developed in three levels, therefore, would help the teacher develop her own abilities of reading writing arithmetic, understand how children learn and become independent learner including facilitating discussions to help other people learn.
The other focus of the work would be to evolve the learning camps that ensure reaching out to children and making them confident to start on the journey of learning. For this we conducted camps in last years
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